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Gold Ecological Museum
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  • Type:Attractions
  • Region:Jinguashi
  • Address:No.8 Jinguang Rd. (Gold Ecological Park) Jinguashi, Ruifang Dist. New Taipei City
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Among the many attractions within the confines of the Gold Ecological Park, such as the Tourist Information Center, Gold-refining Building, Environmental Building, Crown Prince Chalet, Benshan Fifth Tunnel and the namesake of the park, the Gold Ecological Museum. Exuding modern sensibilities from its glass exterior, the museum is housed in the former offices of the Taiwan Metal Mining Corp. and is of free admission to visitors.

The first floor exhibitions include a history tour of the mining regions of Jiufen and Jinguashi and its artifacts. The contents include a model of the mining tunnels, displays of the ore seam, old mining equipments and other utilities, along with a history lesson on the Japanese WWII camp. The most popular exhibition is the newly added gold sphere - it truly embodies the prowess of the private gold refineries in Jiufen.

The second floor's theme is gold. First, the exhibition addresses the history of gold, chronicling stories about gold from both Eastern and Western cultures. Then the exhibition jumps into the role gold has played throughout mankind - how it is used in different occasions in one's life, such as weddings, funerals, ceremonies and other stages of life - in hopes that visitor can discover a newfound perspective on gold's significance. There are also films on gold artisans sharing notes on their creations, and display of gold artworks created by local artists. The main attraction on the second floor is the 220kg gold ingot - the treasure of this museum. The gold ingot was a collaboration between the Gold Ecological Museum and Industrial Technology Research Institute with funding from the Central Bank. It features an electronic sign displaying today's gold prices. Visitors are allowed to touch it and get a feel the value of this 220kg ingot.

The third floor of the museum features the gold mining experience. Visitors can purchase tickets outside at the kiosk for NTD 100. The experience includes lessons on how to pan for gold; visitors are welcome to take home any gold they have accumulate through panning. The gift shop is located on the other side of the floor. Visitors can buy souvenirs and other themed items from the Gold Ecological Park.

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